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Safeway $5 Friday June 24th, 2022

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Hi my beautiful moms! want to buy goods but still have doubts about price, quality and afraid of being expensive?. Please check on Safeway $5 Friday Ads June 24th, 2022 first, for helping you estimate your monthly / weekly budget.


Kindly check on below for update the Safeway 5 dollar friday 6/24/22.


Safeway $5 Friday June 24th, 2022The items or products are sale at Safeway for this weekend!

  • Signature Cafe® 8-Piece Fried Chicken 4-each: Drumsticks and Thighs. Signature Cafe® Classic Salad 32 to 48-oz.
  • Signature Farms® 80% Lean Ground Beef
  • Fresh Atlantic Salmon Portion
  • Fresh Sushi
  • Strawberries
  • BBQ Ribs
  • Fresh Strawberry Bar Cake
  • Large Cantaloupe
  • Lucerne® Yogurt
  • Signature SELECT™ Sandwich Bread 22-oz. Signature SELECT™ Hamburger or Hot Dog Buns
  • Dennison’s Chili with Beans or O® Organics Variety Beans
  • Doritos Tortilla Chips 9.25 to 11.25-oz. Ruffles Potato Chips 8.5 to 9-oz.
  • Nabisco Snack Crackers
  • Trolli, Albanese or Black Forest Gummies
  • Kellogg’s Eggo Waffles
  • Coca-Cola 18-pack, 12-oz. cans. BodyArmor 8-pack, 12-oz.
  • Glowing Bouquet or House Wine


Additionally, if you need more information about the sales and promotion from Safeway store or you can check on the Safeway website at safeway.com. Please be informed that the price and availability can be changes at any time depending on the store’s own policy.


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